In year 1996, Mr.Pascual Grafia started working with a proposal of providing a high quality and efficient service to our clients, managing the needs of machinery and clinical engineering sector.

After 20 years, our company which has only been dedicated as a technical service and reparation, nowdays has diversified into various areas, such as sales, distribution and restructuring machines.
Therefore, our team consist in qualified and well-trained engineers to ensure the success of solving problems to our clients.

For the time being, our objective is to maintain and to provide the best quality service to satisfy our clients.


Grupo Pascual Grafia S.L. - Avda. Industria 2.1 - P.Ind. Casanova - Ribarroja del Turia - Valencia - España - +34 961 980 019 - info@pascualgrafia.com

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