We use to call retrofitting to any electronic repair or upgrade into a numeric control machine tool, in order to increase the productivity of this machine. In other words, if the numeric control of your machine tool is broken and you change it for a numeric control with similar features, that is a repair. In the other hand, if you have decided to install a new numeric control with better features than the old one, we are talking about retrofitting.


According to Moore's law (Gordon E. Moore, Intel co-founder), Technologies features will be double every 18 months. This exponential rate is concerning to the whole world technology, but in numeric control machine tools an strange effect happens. While electronics parts are obsolete according to Moore's law, mechanic parts evolution is slower, that is the reason if we compare an old machine with a new machine, the big difference is the numeric control, drivers and servo motors, but the mechanic parts are very similars.

This is the reason we can found many companies with the suitable machinery, but they must to reject many orders because they cannot make it, because those machines cannot execute complex or long programs or doesn't have enough accuracy or even the final touch is not the requested, etc.

Soon that CNC machine will be push into the background only for some minor works, or directly it will be stop while the company is rejecting orders.
In the long term, to accept those orders and being competitive in the actual market, the company will sell this CNC machine tool for a ridiculous price, for buy a new numeric control machine tool with similar features, but new technology, and of course highest price.

The company could save a lot of money and time if they had invested in a retrofitting of their own CNC machine, and the result would be the same.

Of course every machine and every process are different, and is not possible to adjust the same solution to all the situations. That is the reason why updating a machine doesn't means changing all the electronic parts. We can achieve the objectives just adding a driver or just changing the numeric control (even if the drivers and servo motors are old). It depends on the objective the customer wants to accomplish, but in any case it will be profitable than buying a new machine.

If you have any question about this matter you can visit the section Frequently Asked Questions for further information about the retrofittings we use to do in numeric control machine tools.

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