Surgical equipment specialized

The branch of our company specialized in clinical engineering is dedicated in repairing and/or calibrating surgical equipment.

We know that an operating theatre must be ready 24/7, for this reason after you call us, we will provide our service in the next 24 hours.

To assure a fast and reliable diagnostic of the problem and the operating theatre can be ready as soon as possible, all our staff is formed of qualified engineers, which are in constant training with the principal surgical equipment manufacturers.

Also, we have experience in maintenance service agreement for hospitals and clinics. It could be just corrective maintenance or preventive maintenance

On preventive maintenance service agreement we make an annual stop plan for the surgical theatres, adjusting our schedule with the hospital. During this plan we calibrate/repare all the equipment and replace the spare parts which are required to obtain the highest capacity of all the surgical equipment and to extend its usefull life, avoiding unexpected surgical theatre stops.

On corrective maintenance service agreement, we only fix the surgical equipment when it doesn`t works correctly.

On left column you can choose our "Official Brands", to check the brands in which we have more experienced.


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